View From the Top: Las Vegas Eiffel Tower

Since Vegas is so close to Salt Lake, it has become quite a frequent travel destination for many people that live here…Kyle and myself included. (Interestingly, we were obsessed with the place before we were even old enough to “enjoy” it fully…now, we couldn’t care less about it).

One of the newer trademark sights along the Strip’s skyline is Paris Hotel and Casino’s Eiffel Tower replica. It stands only half the height of the original in France, but still serves for a great view of the bustling, sinful city. I have been up there twice – the second time was Kyle’s insistence (and while we were up there he gave me a promise ring 🙂 …I knew he was acting strange before we went up!).

North view of the Strip (Las Vegas Boulevard)

The tower is right in front of the Bellagio fountain, thus providing a great view for a show.

Behind the tower you can see Paris’ hotel.

South view of the Strip.

Do you like going to the tops of towers? What’s your favorite part about it?

  1. I personally put the focus on the colours which are very nice – all colours are represented, that’s really nice 🙂
    About the towers’ tops: I especially like lighting of Paris’ hotel!

  2. wrands said:

    Great Shot! I love Vegas, thanks for sharing

  3. Kyle said:

    Pretty cool pics if I do say so myself.

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