Please Subscribe (Again)!


I have launched a new website! Wait a second to celebrate…because with the new site comes a new blogging channel. I know, I know…

Please make your way to to re-subscribe to my blog. This applies only to my WordPress Followers and email subscribers. If you are viewing this post from any type of third-party (non-Wordpress) reader, there is no need to re-subscribe – you’re good to go and you will still see my new blogs.

For my WordPress Followers and email subscribers: please view the following image to help you re-subscribe.

If you click the orange RSS icon, you will be able to subscribe through your reader. If you enter your email address, you will receive my new blogs in your inbox. It’s that easy!

So why don’t we all take advantage of that ease and go do it? You know you don’t want to miss out on my future posts 🙂

Thanks everyone, I hope to see you all on “the other side!”

(Oh, NOW you can celebrate!)


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